About Floating Solar

Solar energy is a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuels, and floating solar provides even more benefits to resource intensive industries. By covering a significant surface area on a body of water, the system conserves water by reducing evaporation, while the shading from its panels limits algae growth. The system presents no risks or dangers to wildlife and surrounding habitats when implemented. Furthermore, the natural cooling effect provided by the water allows the PV panels to operate more efficiently and produce more power than traditional ground-mounted systems.

Floating Solar are the local agent/ distributor of the Ciel et Terre International Hydrelio® floating solar PV system.

Hydrelio® is the perfect solution for many types of water bodies, including dams, quarry lakes, irrigation or water reclamation reservoirs, and water treatment holding ponds. Additionally, these man-made water bodies are typically unobstructed from the sun, kept out of sight, and located near energy-intensive processes making these spaces ideal candidates for solar PV systems.

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